Butterfly Cooking Stove Directions For Use

Most of us know that we need at least a years worth of food storage and probably a lot more. One years worth of storage, while the bare minimum, can probably be enough to save your life. If you can afford to do it, you should get a lot more. Many people think a two to three year food storage is a lot better and makes them feel more comfortable.

Food storage revolves around thinking about what foods you should have. For example, a lot of people store a lot of wheat, rice, and beans because they are inexpensive and highly nutritious. People also worry about water. You should have at least two weeks of water on hand.

Cooking the Food Storage

However, there is, at least, one important thing that everyone forgets. How are you going to cook the food? It is not likely that your utility provider will bring electricity to your home in a disaster or major crisis.

Some people plan on using generators. However, this would mean that you need to store a lot of highly flammable gasoline. For most people, that means burying a tank underground and it involves a lot of cost and inconvenience. The problem is that a two hundred gallon tank of gasoline is pretty dangerous.

Kerosene Stoves and Heaters

The solution that most of the world has already discovered are kerosene stoves and heaters. It is a lot less flammable than gasoline because it is a combustible. That means that it will not burn at room temperature. In fact, you can throw a match into kerosene and it won't light up. Kerosene burns through the vapor action that a wick or piece of cloth or paper can provide.


A kerosene appliance is also a lot less expensive than a gasoline appliance. You might spend one or two thousand dollars on a gasoline generator. This is expensive compared to a kerosene heater that costs around three hundred dollars and a kerosene stove that is around fifty five dollars and a lamp at around fifty dollars.