Butterfly Cooking Stove Directions For Use

Special Features

Butterfly Economy Cooking Stoves are reputed for being smokeless, odourless, low oil consumption and no need of air-pumping. They are suitable for any kind of cooking pupose.

Instructions For Use

Unscrew the lid of the oil tank and pour in oil until full. Then, screw the lid tight raise the wicks up to the level of the burner by turning the control knob to the right. Light the wicks all around the burner. If the wicks are not all lit or heavy smokes appear, see whether the burner or the chimney are properly positioned and whether the wicks are evenly raised or crusted and make the necessary adjustments.

Stove Preservation

1- Use kerosene only. Gasolene is strictly forbidden.

2- Use the control knob to regulate the flames or to put out the fire. Never try to blow out the fire with your mouth.

3- Always keep sufficient oil in tank so that the flames do not weaken.

4- Use the control knob to raise the wicks before ignition and then ignite the wicks all around. Make sure the chimney is in proper position.

5- If the wicks are crusted or charred, clear off the crusted part and raise them again. When the wicks are not long enough to touch the bottom of the oil tank, change new long wicks at once.

6- When cooking, let no water or dirt overflow into the burner or chimney because this would create heavy smoke and odour and may even extinguish the fire making the next ignition difficult and also seriously affecting the life of the stove.

7- In order to ensure smooth operation, always keep the stove clean by cleaning off all dirt from the burner and the chimney. Careful preservation and maintenance is always recommended.

8- On the first lighting of the stove, let the wick stand for 30 minutes with a full tank of fuel before lighting.

9- A dry burn is recommended on the first light.

Please use common sense and good judgement. It is not possible to describe every possible problem that can occur.