Wick Replacement

The wick should be replaced one time a year. This assumes that you use the heater or stove throughout the year. There are a few basic safety precautions to follow, when replacing a wick.


1- The stove or heater should be completely cool.
2- The fuel tank should be empty.
3- Bump the appliance to engage the automatic shutoff device.
4- Remove batteries to the ignitor.


1- Turn the wick knob all the way counterclockwise to lower it.
2- Remove the old wick by folding it lengthwise and sliding it out.
3- Fold the new wick and slide it into the adjuster matching up the line on the outside of the wick and the adjuster.
4- Look for arrow marks on the wick and the steel to make sure that everything lines up properly.
5- Slowly raise and lower the wick checking for proper clearance and height.
6- Don't take apart the steel wick holder because it is hard to put back together.
7- To replace the wick, you typically need to remove the burner unit and burner unit housing. It is fairly simple and is usually a few screws to take out.
8- Check the manufacturer instructions for complete advice.