Refueling Safety Guidelines

To refuel your kerosene heater or stove, there are a few simple guidelines to make it much safer.

1- Fill the fuel outdoors. You don't want to accidentally spill fuel inside the home. You should always fill up outdoors. You can do this by removing a cartridge tank or by taking the entire appliance outside.

2- Make sure that the heater or stove has cooled down completely. You should never attempt to fill a hot stove or keater.

3- Use a siphon. A siphon makes the job of filling up much easier and less prone to spilling. The siphon is extremely inexpensive. It is a hose with a pump ball attacked to it. You put one end into the fuel tank and the other end into the appliance. As you squeeze the ball, it moves fuel from one tank to the next. Watch the fuel gauge and do not overfill.

For a few more dollars (still inexpensive), you can get an electric siphon that will actually detect the level, in the container and prevent spilling. If you have a large tank, this may be the choice for you. You should keep in mind that electric devices are not going to work in a disaster.

If you use a funnel and pour method, it is pretty much guaranteed that you are going to spill. Even though you are outdoors, you should spill as little as possible.

4- Make sure that you put the cap back on securely.

5- If you spill, dispose of the rags or store them in a closed container (such as a coffee can with plastic lid). It is safer to store the rags in a container than to leave them out in the open.

6- Don't ever carry the kerosene stove or heater while it is lit or still hot.