Kerosene Lantern: Pressurized

The Butterfly Pressure Lantern puts out between 300 and 400 watts of light when fully pumped. Made of chrome-plated steel, it needs to be preheated before lighting.

Pressure lanterns burn kerosene vapor, not liquid, so they must be preheated with a flame in order to heat the kerosene so it vaporizes and causes the mantle to glow. The model 828 has a small cup inside that you fill with denatured alcohol (a teaspoon or so), then light with a match. When the alcohol is almost completely finished burning, you open the fuel knob and the lantern starts.

Model No: 826/350 CP Chrome Plated Kerosene Lantern
  • Brand: Butterfly
  • Steel Pressure Lantern
  • Diameter: 16.8cm
  • Height: 40cm
  • Fuel Capacity: 1.27 Litre
  • Burning Duration: 10 Hours
  • Net Weight: 2.29 kg