Kerosene Stoves

Butterfly brand makes some of the most efficient kerosene stoves available. There are many models to choose from. The key points to consider are the following:


How many burners do you need? Most people opt for a single burner that is large enough for a big stock pot and that provides stability. Still, there are stoves that have two or three burners. These are easier to cook a meal with. However, each burner is typically a bit smaller. If you want the stove for camping, a double or triple burner is an ideal choice because you can cook more than one thing at a time.


Some of the more expensive stoves (not that much more) have a larger burner and are more stable. This is important for those that want to boil water for drinking in a heavy stock pot. In addition, the larger size is just easier to use. The added cost is not very much at all (like ten dollars). The main benefit to the smaller stoves is that they are easier to transport and you do save a tiny bit of money.


One of the great benefits of a kerosene stove is that it can also work as a heater. For safety, you can install a plate on the burner or you can simply put a brick on the stove for some type of radiant heating. Of course a stove will not put out as much heat as a heater, but it will keep you warm in a survival situation. The best thing to do is to have both a heater and a stove for those emergencies.