Kerosene Appliance Drawbacks

Some of the main drawbacks of kerosene is that there is some maintenance involved. For example, it is necessary to dry burn the wick on the first use and ,once in a while, thereafter. In addition, it is important to keep the appliance clean. You will need to clean the burners, every once in a while, as well. Finally, wicks don't last forever and will eventually have to be replaced. They do last a long time, but it is part of the maintenance. If you are planning for a long-term disaster, you may wish to have extra wicks on hand.

The other factor is that kerosene can run out. When it does, during a really bad disaster it may be impossible to replace the fuel. It would be much easier to go out and find your own wood than your own kerosene.

Finally, there are some drawbacks, but the reason that so many people stick with kerosene is that it is much easier to use, more convenient, and very economical. Finally, you can store enough fuel that sourcing will most likely be a non-factor. In a worst case, you can always build a fire, in a fire pit, that you create.