Important Safeguards for Kerosene Appliances

1- If the heater or stove is unvented, make sure that the door is open or the window is open at least an inch.  Also, open the door to an adjoining room.

2-  Since the heater or stove will get hot, keep it away from flammable items.  The suggested distance is at least three feet. Please use some good common sense here.  That doesn't mean you can store a gallon of gasoline three feet away.  What it means is do not put household items closer than three feet and more, if possible.  This also includes children.  The children should be supervised. 

3- Put the heater or stove on a level surface.  If the surface is not even, it can result in improper combustion, more prone to tipping over, and more prone to leaks. 

4- Don't pick up and move a lit, or still hot, stove or heater.  It is unsafe.

5- The only fuel that can be used is high grade K-1 kerosene.  No other fuels should be used.

6- Do not refuel indoors.  The probability of spilling some kerosene is pretty high.  Use a siphon for refueling. 

7- Don't repair a broken stove or heater by yourself.  Instead, take it to an authorized repair center.

8- Never remove a cartridge tank while the unit is still burning.  Instead, turn off the heater or stove and ,after it cools, then you can remove the tank.