Butterfly Cooking Stove Directions For Use

Clean water is essential. Without water, you can only live a few days. Most disaster preparedness advice is to have at least a two weeks supply of water. After that, then what? First and foremost, water is more essential than food or anything else. Many people forget about the importance of stored water and simply do not have any water in their food storage.

After your two week supply of water is gone, then what? There are usually ways to get water. You may need to high to a mountain stream or go to well. Others will have to get water from a pond or lake. In any case, the water needs to be purified to make it safe for drinking.

One way to purify the water is to boil it. That is why it is so essential to have a way to cook. Every home should have a large pot available and a way to heat their water without electricity. One of the best ways to do this is to have a kerosene stove. Thus, a kerosene stove and a large cooking pot help insure that your family has pure drinking water. Now, that makes the act of cooking priceless.